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てっちゃん’s LIFE



Today, I will write a blog in English!









I recently started to study for TOEIC.




I had study English in language school before, but I never study for TOEIC.


For that, I have one reason.


I often heard that the score of TOEIC has increased by 100 points.




I have a feeling it means "I study TOEIC".


I want to ask whether you have improved your English skills.


I think I can't check my real English if I study for TOEIC


That's why I never study for TOEIC.









However, I decided to study for TOEIC today.


I'm preparing for job hunting.


As mentioned above, I haven't decided to get a job next year.


But, the thing which I should do now is studying for TOEIC, because it's neccesary to handle English for any job.


Therefore, the company in Japan adopts TOEIC score to measure our English capacity.


My TOEIC score is not so good, so I study TOEIC now.


For example, words, listening, grammar etc...





It's kind of fun!


Most of my using words are general and academic.


Nowadays, I study bessiness words!


There are a bit differeance between general and bessiness words.


It's good for me to study bessiness words.




Today, I will finish this blog .


Next time, I will introduce the difference and my textbooks!








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